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DELIZIOSO is not only a luxury restaurant brand but part of HOLMAR HOLDING, dedicated and structured as a boutique investment and brand management company located in the world’s most influential cities; London, Singapore, New York and Dubai. It operates restaurants in with cuisines ranging from Italian, French, Japanese and Asian and is specialized in introducing the most successful international hospitality brands.


Since its inception in December 2009; the DELIZIOSO has successfully opened brands with the partners aligned with celebrated restaurateurs at the forefront of the global industry. DELIZIOSO’s expansion will cement the company as the leading hospitality company in the Europe, USA, Asia and Middle East.


Partnering with celebrated restaurateurs that operate established brands globally is the core to the group’s success. We ensure that the brands within the group portfolio maintain the consistency and integrity of their original concepts, providing guests with an experience that accents the features that are indispensable to the brand.


DELIZIOSO has established itself as employing some of the leading hospitality management professionals worldwide. Company employees follow strict guidelines that ensure professional communications and service, with client relationship management being paramount to success within the group. The company understands that whilst each of the venues provides customers with a unique experience, the success of the group is based on delivering a tailor-made experience from all aspects of the project. The value proposition for the group is about satisfying the needs of clientele who value a distinctive atmosphere, personalized service, high quality surroundings and time.


Affiliations & Marketing:

More than just a hospitality management company; we pride ourselves on working hand in hand with affiliates who want to showcase their art, host product launches or want our venues to act as a press room. We pride ourselves on providing an excellent platform supporting creative, technical and logistical elements that help your brand launch or showcase with success.


To discuss Marketing opportunities with us, kindly contact

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