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Chairman's Message


Manuel Ros

Founder and Chairman

Dear Partners,


It is my great pleasure, honor and privilege to serve HOLMAR HOLDING as Founder and Chairman. I built the organization on my passion and the experience I have within these industries, alongside a necessity to satisfy the needs of many friends and partners that, like me, believe in what we do. What really gratifies me is the satisfaction expressed by our service users and the loyalty of their involvement in our organization. Without you, your belief and your trust, HOLMAR HOLDING would not have established itself over time.


Under my leadership, HOLMAR HOLDING has grown significantly in terms of members, with an increase in requests, raising success for the financial benefit of our group. Furthermore, there has been a beneficial impact on our members, the numbers of which are on the rise, year after year.


HOLMAR HOLDING has been developing a strategy for years based on personal and private investment diversification in markets with high growth potential. We have used these recent years to continue our expansion in buying new assets, investing in different activities and closing strong collaboration with industry leaders.


Our members have given us the opportunity to collaborate and be part of our amazing transformation. Part of our secret is based on the fact that in addition to the offers based on our luxury products and solutions, we manage each request as if it were for ourselves, giving the utmost attention to detail and deep organization of every single moment. Our team has always been able to anticipate and evolve, offering our customers new, simpler solutions that they can access how, where and when they want. All of this has been made possible due to the use of strategic partnerships that differentiate us from our competitors.


More importantly, we are working for a successful future for our people, customers, employees and society as a whole. The HOLMAR HOLDING team is part of a corporate culture based on integrity, prudence and transparency, all of which have been key in allowing us to build a strong business model that is able to grow with a customer-centric manner.


I invite you to browse through the group’s corporate website, the best online storefront to find out, in detail, what we offer. There you will find the widest range of products and services, designed and engineered to meet the specific needs of each of our members. 


I intend to personally thank all of our members and partners for their trust. I invite you all to renew the support to make HOLMAR HOLDING’s reality bigger. ensuring more pleasure and satisfaction in our private and business lives!



Manuel Ros

Founder and Chairman


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