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WORLDBET is a subsidiary company of HOLMAR HOLDING, founded by Manuel Ros with the intention to increase the service and the financial capability of the group. The company is structured to invest and manage the gambling business; online casinos and slot machines network via a team of entrepreneurial visionaries holding over 20 years’ experience in the field of gambling.  


The modern WORLDBET casinos, electronic casinos and sports betting shops provide an exciting gaming offer and first-class service in a sophisticated ambience. Enjoy live-games in a relaxed atmosphere in our casinos, play thrilling slot games on state-of-the-art gaming terminals and watch live broadcasts of sports events on the giant screens in the WORLDBET sports betting outlets.


With a strong focus on operational activities in Europe, WORLDBET boasts some of the most modern gaming establishments in Europe, demonstrated through its casino operations. WORLDBET has long believed in the potential of the European Union Accession States and as early as the 90s, has entered these markets and established market leadership, evident in Italy, France and the Baltic States.


Top standards are set, not only with gaming, but specially trained servicing staff and the use of the latest technologies to ensure the highest level of player protection. The offering of gaming services to the public is a highly sensitive business. Responsible Gaming is all about taking responsibility for potential risks as well as making serious efforts to keep these risks low.


In addition to various measures that are strictly aligned with the respective national regulatory requirements, it is of utmost importance to encourage customers to take responsibility for their own actions and to utilize the wide range of information available. Specially trained staff are available at all times to inform customers and assist, if necessary, in contacting local self-help groups and other social institutions for further help and advice.


Responsible Gaming cannot be regarded as an isolated topic. It must be a fundamental pillar of all business conduct and an integral principle of the entire business process. Aside from the strict adherence to national regulatory requirements, WORLD BET continuously strives to implement internal standards in order to meet its role as a pioneer of the international gaming and entertainment industry.

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