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The executive aircraft are the most refined, elegant and relaxing solution to travel. With PRIVILEGE Travel you have the top of the rental market alongside an efficient and flexible professional team that follows you for all your needs. We organize your transfers as your desire, book your hotel and a PRIVILEGE driver at the destination, request your visas and provide the best PRIVILEGE service to satisfy your business and private needs.

The Citation CJ3 offers more comfort than the CJ2; retaining high style whilst being a practical, light and economical aircraft that can accommodate up to 7 passengers. This category presents a wide range of small jets for small groups ranging from 5 to 8 passengers. These aircraft are equipped with well-appointed cabins and are a very popular model on the market. The range varies from 2 to 3.5 hours.

The Citation X have a very attractive line, with ample space for luggage and a separate toilet. Most aircraft can accommodate eight passengers and has a range from three to five hours. Some models can even offer the presence of a flight attendant. It represents the perfect executive jet to charter a private flight.

The Global 7000 is the perfect executive jet to hire a high-profile private flight. With an elegant private cabin located at the rear of the cabin, the Global 7000 allows you to install an optional permanent bed and shower-head as standard, thus offering all the comfort and intimacy of a real private room in your house. This aircraft belongs to a category of large jets that offer long-range features; stand-up cabin, galley and in-flight service. Model dependent, it can accommodate up to 18 with a 15-20 bag cargo limit.

Falcon 7X is an advanced jet that can accommodate up to 16 passengers. It has three engines making it ideal for long-haul travel, alongside standing out for its comfort, equipped with all the requirements of the class including a stand-up cabin, galley, in-flight service and spacious seating, some of which have the option of turning into a bed.

The Falcon 2000 belongs to the new generation of twin-engine jets and ideal for a high-profile private flight. The Falcon 2000 is a large jet that offers features of long haul flying: a stand-up cabin, galley and inflight service as standard. Furthermore, it presents a spacious and quiet cabin for up to 12 people, a large galley and a luggage compartment accessible during the flight alongside a spacious hold that can contain several different sized bags.


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