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HOLMAR HOLDING PLC is a holding company dedicated to raise and manage all private investments and personal assets of its Founder Manuel Ros. Experiences acquired during his career have allowed Mr. Ros to create his own performer organization to satisfy the needs of businessmen during their business endeavors, the standard of which is not on offer through other companies present on the market.


HOLMAR HOLDING is created on philosophy to transform the pleasure into a productive business, creating customized solutions necessary to satisfy all personal and business needs without having to clash with third-party partners. That’s why, over time, Manuel Ros has taken steps to re-invest part of its capitals in different activities. The structure of the holding company is formed by subsidiaries dedicated to investment in various sectors to support and offer the exchange of services.



Aside from being a solution for ‘the businessman’, HOLMAR HOLDING is diversification of Manuel Ros’ activities that he uses to express the experiences he has obtained within different sectors.


Through an organized structure of several companies, HOLMAR HOLDING invests in assets to provide luxury services to businessmen, promoting partnerships in buying and running commercial and entertainment branded activities, and operating in the gambling sector in partnership with leading companies.


We offer privileged access to the finest nightlife and entertainment with minimal hassle. We deliver our promises, concentrating on restaurants, member’s clubs, bars, parties and other VIP entertainment, alongside holidays in the most beautiful locations in the world.



HOLMAR HOLDING is an exclusive personal concierge service provider offering high quality, reliable and confidential service to busy individuals and businesses. We help to re-establish the delicate balance between finding time for family and finding time to alleviate the stress of daily life.


Our customers can opt for a range of top quality and exclusive concierge services like Private Yacht Charters, Private Jets, Personal Drivers, Private Holiday Locations, Restaurant Bookings, Clubs and Casinos. Our clients include corporate houses, busy travelers, professionals, individuals, parents and seniors.


HOLMAR HOLDING is one of the most trusted, efficient and professional concierge service providers. Backed by an expert team with a wealth of experience in the service industry, we understand our client’s needs perfectly, ensuring that each request is carried out with diligence and meticulous attention to detail.



HOLMAR HOLDING understands that ethical business practices are vital to the continued success and growth of the company. We are proud to have built a global reputation through transparent and ethical business practices that ensure corporate accountability, social responsibility and ethical behavior at every stage of our corporate operations. We created a special circle of business opportunities dedicated to high-net-worth individuals and senior directors looking for an exclusive ultimate concierge experience. By strictly limiting numbers we are able to arrange a dedicated meeting with members of our club.


Our staff, executives and employees are guided by a corporate culture that ensures we consistently align ourselves with our Standards of Business Conduct and companywide initiatives such as our Ethics Compliance program. Combined with our company values and culture, these contribute to ensuring our corporate philosophy is carried through all our operations, both domestically and around the world.



At HOLMAR HOLDING, our emphasis has always been on exceptional customer care and unrivaled service. Through our daily interaction with clients, we create connections and relationships that build customer loyalty and serve the needs of our consumers in over 25 countries worldwide.


We are proud to serve a variety of high-profile clients from around the world. Our members are typically comprised of high net worth individuals or large families who are in business, entertainment, athletics and politics. Our members enjoy the flexibility and convenience offered by our various services and amenities, as well as unhindered global access to the unlimited.


Our client list is confidential and we do not disclose information about past or current clients. We will however be pleased to provide you with references upon request. 




One World Trade Center 

285, Fulton Street - Manhattan

New York - NY 10007

United States of America

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